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Driving Lessons in Bolton


There are more than 45 million drivers on the roads in the UK, and counting – but to be part of the club you have to first get your driving licence.

Acquiring your driving licence can be a lengthy (and expensive) process, but there’s no need to feel daunted  as National crash course Bolton is offering Driving Lessons in BLACKBURN at competative price. Before you can even think about driving, some admin needs doing – you need to apply for your provisional driving licence to take Driving Lessons In BLACK.You can do this at any time once you’re over 15 years and nine months old but it only becomes valid when you turn 16.


With a provisional licence you can:

  • At 16 begin the process of learning to ride a moped or light quad bike
  • At 17 begin the process of learning to drive a car

You cannot:

  • Drive in a car without a driving instructor or someone else who fits the legal criteria.
  • Drive on the motorway even with an instructor (although this may be revised under new plans for learner driver motorway lessons)


Finding a good driving instructor is invaluable.While it might be tempting to save money and ask a friend or relative to teach you, it could be a false economy.An expert will have a much better idea of what’s expected from you in the test, and the ability to improve your skills over time – and save heated arguments with your friends and family in the process.


Driving Lessons in BlackBurn


I started with Gaynor in November. I thought from the get go she was professional and did things by the book which is what I needed as a leaner driver I found she was patient and understanding yet also encouraging and enthusiastic and open to knew ideas to help which are specific for each driver

Through-out the course of my lessons I always felt comfortable and relaxed as well as not under pressure or stress to perform I felt she knew what she was talking about and didn’t feel discouraged by any mistakes.In fact I felt she saw them more of an obstacle to overcome.

Overall I feel she was a great driving instructor and was always supportive in conclusion I’d like to thank her for helping me pass and wish her the best for the future.

Driving school in BLACKBURN

NATIONAL CRASH COURSE BLACKBURN  driving instructors will have their own car WITH dual controls FITTED FOR YOUR SAFETY.

Dual controls are where the instructor has their own clutch and brake pedals in the passenger footwell, and are able to take over or help out with the controls if they feel you need it at any point.The most important thing when picking an instructor is choosing someone who makes you feel comfortable and happy in the driver’s seat, remember you may be spending potentially 40 hours in a car together!

If you do choose a friend or family member they will have to be over the age of 21 and have held a licence for at least three years.

Helping You Save Money On Passing Your Driving Test

Right now National crash course Bolton is going to show you how to save over £500 on passing your driving test, yes you read that correctly.
Many people just like you are search for cheap driving lessons in Bolton and perhaps if they are lucky can save around £100, but we know how you can save so much more.
Here are a few facts we base our support upon.

Fact 1. The DVSA state the average learner driver needs 47 hours of professional tuition.
Fact 2. They also say you need 20 hours of private practice.
Fact 3. 53% of all driving tests end in a fail.




Automatic Driving Lessons in Bolton

Driving Instructor in BLACKBURN

Ok so lets break down these facts and show you how to save some serious cash. Firstly, who wants to be “average”? The average person includes those people who dilly dally and take just one hour a week of tuition and it gets them no where fast. It is pretty much impossible to pick up where you left in your next lesson so what happens is you have a detailed recap to get you back up to speed.

Driving Instructor in BLACKBURN

Lets just say its just 15 mins to go over what you have previously learned and back to the standard of driving you achieved. It mans that for every 4 hours you are wasting one hour recapping and going over what you had forgotten. Therefore with 47 hours you could be over spending by 12 hours, and thats around £300. Do you want to spend that much?

What you need to do is take lessons one every 3 or 4 days, that keeps you fresh and on top of things, also make sure to take a 90 minute or a 2 hour lesson. This will increase your learning, and of course your enjoyment, not to mention keeping the cost down.

Because you adopt our style of learning there will be no need for private practice.
Insuring a car already within the family, fuelling it and covering the cost of a little bit of wear and tear can soon add up to £30 a week.
It doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but over a 3 month period you are starting to chalk up a £400 cost.
But you will not need that if you follow our lesson plan.

So far we have shown you how to save well over £500, but we can help you make bigger savings…


How To Pass First Time And Save Around £300

The pass rate is around 50% which means you have a one in 2 chance of passing your test, but who wants to risk your training with luck and chance?
What we are going to show you is how to pass your driving test and that means being a safe driver and understanding what it is to be safe.

The driving examiner is looking for four things within your driving.
They are.

1. To follow the Highway Code.
2. To have the desire to be safe.
3. Spotting hazards and avoiding them.
4. Keeping your car under control at all times.

If that is what the driving examiner is looking for, surely it makes sense to applies these four steps to every aspect of driving you are going to learn.
Th results are clear, you will go into your driving test knowing that you do not need chance or good luck, because you know exactly how to drive.

Driving Lessons in BlackBurn


What Questions Should You Ask?

Obviously we think we are the right driving school in BLACKBURN for you to choose but we want to go a few steps further and prove this to you, even before you pick up the phone.
It is hard as a learner driver wanting driving lessons in Bolton because which driving instructor in Bolton do you choose? They all look the same the and the question you may ask probably won’t give you too much assistance. Most learners ask about the prices of driving lessons in Bolton; the pass rate, areas covered and the type of car used.
These questions are much better…


1. Ask the driving school if they have courses for people who have passed their driving test. All instructors know the driving test doesn’t cover everything such as driving in bad weather, at night or on the motorway so an indicator of a good school is one that offers Pass Plus and Motorway lessons. Furthermore if the school offers training to become a driving instructor you can tell they operate at a high level and that’s all good for you.

2. You probably won’t know this but all driving instructors in blackburn receive a grade from what is called a Standards Check, the grades awarded are A, B and fail. If the person has failed they can still teach for a limited time.

3. Some Driving Instructor in blackburn areA in fact trainees, and while they can be really good and offer you a super service, you need to know if they are a trainee or fully qualified.

So when you phone us or any other driving instructor in blackburn, reflect on these points and use them to help you find the best driving school in blackburnfor you.

Pick up the phone and call us now


We are covering following areas in Bolton for Manual and Automatic Driving lessons

Blackburn, Darwen, Accrington, Rishton, Great Harwood,Feniscowles,Oswaldtwistle and surrounding areas.ing Lessons in BLACKBURN

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