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06 Hours crash course

if you have already done Many lessons with your instructor and want to pass your test with 06 Hours crash course in few weeks then this course is for you.This course helps you to refresh manouvres and few test routes and safety questions.

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06 Hours manual course

The vast majority of British drivers learn in a manual car, in which the gears are selected using a lever and a clutch pedal. This is still considered the ‘normal’ way to learn despite the growing popularity of the automatic car, which effectively changes gear for you. But if you learn to drive in an automatic, your licence won’t entitle you to drive a manual.

Deifference between Manual and Automatic car is how much time you spend to change gears. For a complete newcomer to driving, several lessons will be required on the effective use of the gearbox. Most people pick it up after a few hours, but for some it can be a pointless obstacle to progress.


06 Hours Test cover

if your existing instructor is not available becasue of any reason and you need helping hand at last minutes then we are here to help you. our experienced instructor know how to deals with this situation. we do recommend you to take atleast 6 hours training so you can get use to car and Learn manouvre & test routes.

06 Hours automatic course

If, for whatever reason, you’re having problems learning to use a manual gearbox, opting to get an auto-only licence (Called a “Category B auto”) could get you on the road faster. It can be frustrating to keep spending money on manual lessons, when you could skip that part of the syllabus altogether.

we always have automatic lessons available as are biggest automatic driving lesson provider in Bolton,wigan&leigh and north Manchester area.

Driving Lessons in Bury

crash course in Bolton       Test cover in Bolton  Intensive course in Bolton

pass your test in 2 weeks

pass your test in two weeks .we offer daily lessons for two week so you get consistent training to help you pass your test in few weeks. Join us and pass your test in 2 weeks.

crash course in Bolton       Test cover in Bolton  Intensive course in Bolton
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